Rental properties

What does everyone think of owning debt free rental properties? Hubby would love to own one. I am personally chicken of someone not paying or trashing the place. That blog really got me thinking about our long term since hubby is disabled and we have 7 kids.

Hi, I am new here

I actually have an HR degree and have done some professional resume writing. Mostly I do it for my friends and family. I do not think you need to pay someone all that money when alot of it can be done yourself. I would be happy to look at your husbands resume. Every resume I have redone has actually landed someone an interview. And one quastion – what you think about this service (online payday loans service with no credit check)? Thank yuo and best of luck to you!!

The word on the street is that things are about to go south with my husband’s job

He’s worked with this company for 13 years, and they’re in the process of consolidating 5 large companies down into 1 smaller one. In the past year, they’ve let go of 8 people, and they seem to just be making their way down the line. He has a resume that is functional, I suppose, but we’re looking into having his resume professionally written. Does anyone have any experience with this? I.E- was there a particular company that you used that you were pleased with, how much do you think is reasonable to pay for this service, etc? Also, does anyone have any thoughts on some of the extras that are offered in conjunction with the professional resume- cover letter, linked in profile, etc? We want to get moving with this process, but I don’t relish the idea of dropping $1k on a resume, cover letter, linked in profile, etc. On the flip side, if it gets him a job in his field in this crazy economy, it might be worth it to just bite the bullet and spend the money. I’d really appreciate any feedback from those of you who’ve had experience having your resume professionally done. Thanks in advance!

I was the one that said the piece about the healthcare

I’ve had the discussion about what things cost on your own—I was out at 16, she’s 22 and knows that she needs it…we were without for a bit before cobra kicked in and she saw what it cost for her meds–without insurance. She also knows that 2 part time jobs without benefits will not cover all her bills and college. She is finally working towards a goal.

On the other side of the coin, I have a friend that has 2 kids that are getting ready to get phased off his insurance, both have dead end jobs, no benefits and no clue. one of them has been married/divorced and both graduated with useless degrees.

Oh man, sorry to hear it is so rough, hang in there!

And I gotta say I disagree with whoever posted that they would drop their child from health care. Young adults think they are invulnerable and may not choose to pay the high price of a private policy. God Forbid, something bad could happen, and they could end up denied surgery, or stuck with a pre-existing condition. There are just too many stories of people who don’t have the money to pay who get turned down for treatments.
Deny any other thing you want, but not health insurance.