I don’t think I have the time for it

My youngest is 2 yrs old and my oldest 13. My hubby just can’t do things like dishes and has to limit even his cooking. He has a hard time standing long. It leaves me going from sun up to sun down. I also homeschool my younger kids. I do have a reliable guy I hire to work on our house. He is very reasonable and I have known him forever. He is who built my swing set. I think hubby could manage the renters. It’s the maintenance that red flags me. With rental properties you do get a pretty solid passive income though even if it’s not huge.

I know, and thank you

but I don’t think I can learn how to use all the right saw thingies in just one afternoon. I live in a crooked little cabin. I believe the trim sizes vary vastly in width since the house is crooked and that’s why my husband isn’t totally motivated in finishing the trim work.

Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme has the same mindset as Mr. Money Mustache

I’m fired up reading these guys blogs. The thing is, they are flipping brilliant (like mega i.q. type of brilliant) guys. They’ve figured out how to live large on less very early on. I need to order Jacob’s book from the library after I plow through the library books I have on my bedside table. I’m not down with how he and his wife separate their finances, but I like the way his brain works in a lot of other areas.