Can you do the repairs yourself?

I know my DH can. You also want to buy a steal, but that’s what DR always talks about. One of the blogs I’m reading, the guy always advertises on Craigslist and rents for less than the going rate in his neighborhoods (I think his number is for 90% of the going rate but I have to go back and look. His blog is called Lacking Ambition). Anyway, his thought process is that in renting for less than others in his locale he can cherry pick his renters from a wider range, and the ones he does select end up staying for extended periods because they’re getting a better deal than most. Not bad. Ironically, I just stumbled across an email from a realtor wanting to show DH and I a nearby property with rental potential. How ironic is that? Gotta ask DH how this happened. I haven’t put the word out that this is a consideration. Quite frankly, I want to put more money into a couple of different funds I have in mind first and go for the rental after all that. I’m very excited and optimistic about our future right now. DH income is going up every month, our expenses are going down, and our future is looking very promising. It looks like a lot of us will be going forward this year. I think we’re all a lot smarter for what we’ve been through, so I’m excited about what 2017 will bring every single one of us on this group. :0)